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Adenium White Double - Plant

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Adenium White Double - Plant  - Plants World

Adenium White Double - Plant

These bushes have thick stems and fleshy branches.

Their foliage is generally oval-shaped and varies in size (2-7 inches).

The size generally depends on the maturity of the plant and its location.

These plants commonly grow outdoors, however, when they are young, they can be seen within an indoor area.



It can be easily grown from adenium seeds. I always start with choosing plant location. This should be an area full of sun, as it ensures great flowering. You can use usual soil, but I recommend taking cactus soil mix with coarse grit, perlite, sand and gravel.

After this, push the seeds you have into the soil and cover with soil. I place seeds 1 inch down; however, here things depend on the plant, as some species require deeper planting. After planting the seeds should be well-watered. When planting adenium, remember that the germination period should pass in the lightly moist soil.

  1. Sunlight. These plants require much sunlight for proper development. If they are growing in cloudy locations, they become spindly and develop less vibrant blooms. Some species can withstand 30-50% shade and the sun can burn their foliage.

  2. Location. Choose the location with the temperature not more than 95 degrees F. Adenium obesum also enjoys high humidity. That is why in such areas these plants grow better, regardless of whether they are outdoors or indoors.


Daily watering is essential only during hot summer days. As the flower grows in warm climates, where the temperature always remains above 50F even at night, remember to water it regularly even throughout winter months. This will allow the soil to dry out between watering.

Temperature is another thing you should pay attention to. In case you live in a subtropical climate, you can place the plant indoors until cold weather passes. Adenium can also be grown outdoors in areas where the temperature never goes below 40. The desert rose can survive 40 degrees with little damage, but when the temperature is below 30, the plant dies.