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Adenium obesum, Desert Rose ‘Harry Potter’ – Plant

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Adenium obesum, Desert Rose ‘Harry Potter’ – Plant  - Plants World

Adenium obesum, Desert Rose ‘Harry Potter’ – Plant

Common name -Desert Rosé Harry Potter Plant

Scientific name -Adenium obesum


Adenium Harry Potter has flowers with five lines stripped down right in the middle of each petal. Known to be a prolific bloomer. The flowers are 5-7 cm large. The Desert Rose produce a massive stem when growing older, but will start blooming when quite young, at only 6 inches tall.


Plant care and instruction 

Use a mix of 2 parts peat moss, and one part sand, slightly alkaline soil. Fertilize monthly during Spring and Summer. Water when growing, keep on the dry side in Winter. The tree needs perfect drainage.

1.Light-.Full sun

2.Place -Using a terra cotta pot is ideal

3.Water -Water when growing, keep on the dry side in Winter

4.Fertilizer -monthly during Spring and Summer

5.Repotting - Use a cactus mix when re-potting and take care not to use a too-large pot

Special features 

The notion that Adenium obesum (Desert Rose) brings luck is very recent. As the name indicates, it is a xerophytic plant that survive well in water-scarce areas. ... Interestingly, it produces flowers throughout when kept in sunlight, requires less water and space too. It is a hardy plant and can withstand drough