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Adenium Celona Double - Plant

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Adenium Celona Double - Plant  - Plants World

Adenium Celona Double - Plant

These bushes have thick stems and fleshy branches.

Their foliage is generally oval-shaped and varies in size (2-7 inches).

The size generally depends on the maturity of the plant and its location.

    • Daily watering is essential only during hot summer days.

    • As the flower grows in warm climates, where the temperature always remains above 50F even at night, remember to water it regularly even throughout the winter months.

    • This will allow the soil to dry out between watering.

    • In case you live in a subtropical climate, you can place the plant indoors until cold weather passes.

    • Adenium can also be grown outdoors in areas where the temperature never goes below 40.

    • The desert rose can survive 40 degrees with little damage, but when the temperature is below 30, the plant dies.

    • In winter the plant can freeze, even if it is placed in a greenhouse.

    • There are a few tips on how to care for adenium in winter. Many people treat it like a cactus.