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Adenium (Black) - Plant

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Adenium (Black) - Plant  - Plants World

Adenium (Black) - Plant

Adenium plants are native to regions with poor, gritty soil and hot, sunny climates.

You can’t expect the plant to thrive in overly moist soil, in a site with limited light.

They are also not frost tolerant and will succumb to a freeze if exposed.

The plant will not survive long if exposed to temperatures below 40 degrees F (4 C) but will thrive in temperatures reaching up to 90 degrees F (32 C).


Temperatures :

Because they can tolerate dry conditions, adeniums are well suited for the home environment being able to tolerate quite a bit of neglect. Keep temperatures high, preferably above 60˙F, although they can take it a bit cooler if grown very dry. Really the hotter, the better, so a 70˙F or higher air temperature is best.

Light :

In their native habitat, adeniums grow in full sun so they need good light to thrive. Direct sunlight is preferable, especially when they are in their active growth phase during the summer months.

Water Requirements :

Soil moisture is an important consideration in adenium culture. Their common name, Desert Rose, speaks to their ability to thrive with less water. Adeniums can tolerate higher moisture levels without harming the plant, as long as the temperatures are warm. As a general rule, be sure to let the soil dry out in between watering sand then thoroughly saturate the potting mix. Do not over-water adeniums when they are in their inactive growth phase during the winter months. If the soil is kept too moist, root disease can become a problem.


Adeniums should be fertilized when they are actively growing during the spring and summer months. We recommend a balanced fertilizer with an elevated middle number (phosphorus) to assist in flower formation. There is a critical balance between too much and too little fertilizer since these plants are sensitive to elevated fertilizer salt levels in the soil. This can be seen on the plant with the symptomatic browning of the leaf edges.

Prune :

The only reason to prune your Desert Rose is for size management and to sculpt a nice shape. If you do prune, make sure this is done at the beginning of summer so the wounds heal and new growth will have time fill out the plant's form.