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Adenium Baby Pink (Grafted) - Adenium obesum, Desert Rose Plant

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Adenium Baby Pink (Grafted) - Adenium obesum, Desert Rose Plant  - Plants World

Adenium Baby Pink (Grafted) - Adenium obesum, Desert Rose Plant

Desert rose is a succulent, deciduous shrub or small tree, usually growing up to 4 metres tall, occasionally to 6 metres.

The stem base becomes strongly thickened with age and sometimes spreads over rocks, it can become 1 metre or more in diameter, The plant sometimes has a fleshy taproot.

The plant is harvested from the wild for local use, mainly as a medicine.


Planting and Caring:

A plant of the arid and semi-arid tropics, where it can be found at elevations up to 2,100 meters. To grow well, it prefers maximum temperatures that often exceed 30°c; the branch tips are damaged at temperatures below 5°c, and the plant cannot be grown in the open when temperatures are regularly close to 0°c.

Although it originates from dry areas, it tolerates high air humidity well, which explains its popularity in countries such as Thailand and the Philippines.

Requires a sunny position. Requires very well-drained soil.

Plants can endure a drought or cold-induced dormancy of several months as occurs in the natural habitat.

Plants grown from seed may flower within 1 year.

Under favorable conditions, some clones can flower for 2 - 4 months, or even nearly year-round. Flowering stops when temperatures exceed 38°c.

The root sap or sometimes the wood or stem latex contains a powerful heart toxin and is used to prepare arrow poison. The poison is popular for hunting large game as it kills quickly and the hunted animal dies within 2 km from the place where it was shot.