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Acacia auriculiformis, Australian Babul - Plant

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Acacia auriculiformis, Australian Babul - Plant  - Plants World

Acacia auriculiformis, Australian Babul - Plant

Common name -auri, earleaf acacia

Scientific name -Acacia auriculiformis


Acacia auriculiformis, commonly known as auri, earleaf acacia, earpod wattle, northern black wattle, Papuan wattle, and tan wattle, akashmoni in Bengali, is a fast-growing, crooked, gnarly tree in the family Fabaceae. It is native to Australia, Indonesia, and Papua New Guinea. It grows up to 30m tall.


Plant care and instruction

1.light -full sun -Well Drained Soil

3.water -once a week

4.fertilizer -as needed

5.temperature - between 26 and 30 degrees centigrade.

Special features

Acacia auriculiformis is an evergreen tree that grows between to 15–30 m tall, with a trunk up to 12 m long and 50 cm in diameter. The trunk is crooked and the bark vertically fissured. Roots are shallow and spreading. It has dense foliage with an open, spreading crown.