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Lucky Bamboo 3 Layer - Plant

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Lucky Bamboo 3 Layer - Plant  - Plants World

Lucky Bamboo 3 Layer - Plant

Common name -Lucky bamboo

Scientific name -Dracaena Sanderiana


As a Fengshui element is present inside, the Lucky Bamboo 3 layer is known to be the most popular indoor plant. Coming along with a stylish pot this green plant would enhance the surroundings. ... The tough stalks of the plant can revive in the vases of pure water and even in the soil


3 Layer Lucky Bamboo Plant care and instruction 

1.Light-bright light

2.Place -sits in a north window

3.Water -change it frequently and others every now and then

4.Fertilizer -2 or 3 times a year.

5.Temperature - 65–95°F

6.Repotting - Once a week or as needed

Special features 

Three layers of Lucky Bamboo is believed to be one of the most favorite presentations of lucky bamboo. It brings three kinds of luck to you: Happiness (Fu), Long Life (Soh) and Wealth (Lu).