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Peperomia quadrangularis 'Beetle Peperomia' - Plant

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Peperomia quadrangularis 'Beetle Peperomia' - Plant  - Plants World

Peperomia quadrangularis 'Beetle Peperomia' - Plant

Common Name - Beetle Peperomia, Beetle Radiator Plant

Scientific Name - Peperomia quadrangularis


                    They are slow-growing tropical herbaceous plants with fragile reddish stems and a trailing or hanging habit that reach 30 cm in height. The attractive, fleshy oval leaves are glossy dark green with light green lines. They produce whitish erect inflorescences that are not very decorative. They are used in hanging pots as indoor and greenhouse plants; in spring and summer they can be located outside in the shade. They are ideal for offices and rooms illuminated with fluorescents. In tropical regions they are used to cover areas of the garden under bushes and next to ponds. The genus Peperomia, family Piperaceae, includes more than 1000 species of perennial plants native to tropical regions around the globe. Some species are: Peperomia angulata, Peperomia caperata, Peperomia magnoliifolia, Peperomia argyreia, Peperomia polybotrya, Peperomia axillaris, Peperomia orba.


Peperomia quadrangularis Plant Care and Instruction 

                    Peperomia quadrangularis needs indirect light exposure to avoid direct sun. They do not resist temperatures below 10 ºC. The soil can be a commercial substrate for peaty houseplants. In case of transplantation, it is recommended to do it in spring. Water with lime-free water regularly waiting for the substrate to be almost dry. The ambient humidity should be 50-60%; spray the leaves periodically with lime-free water in summer. Fertilize with mineral houseplant fertilizer in early spring and early summer. They do not need pruning. They are quite resistant plants to the usual pests and diseases but sensitive to drafts and sudden changes in temperature. They are propagated by stem cuttings in spring or early summer.

Light - Indirect light

Place - Indoors

Water - Regulary

Fertilizer - In early spring and early summer

Temperature - Below 10 ºC

Special Features 

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